Yearly Archives - 2017

Database issues fixed

Dear Customers, We apologize for the inconvenience in the past few days. We had massive problems with our database. We have received a database attack on our database server. This led to some failures in the license query. We have been working hard to solve it in the last few days. We would like to inform you that we were able to eliminate all problems now. Kind regards IPTVADMIN+ Team


HasCode Remove Pro update 1.0.14 is released !

Dear Clients, we are proud to announce that a new Update for HashCode Remove Pro is avalible!Changelog in Version 1.0.14 1. fix installation script libx265 missing bug. 2. fix web interface can not stop stream bug. 3. fix a few small problem. 4. change upload and output video to same directory. Please check our Knowledgebase: Hashcode Remove Pro: Installation & Uninstall & Upgrade HowTo   Kind Regards, your Support Team IPTVADMIN+ Solutions Home


HashCode Remove Pro: New Update v1.0.11 avalible !

Hello, we have updated HashCode Remove Pro to Version 1.0.11. Here you will found in our Knowledgebase the: Installation & Uninstall & Upgrade HowTo Whats New ? 1.0.11 1. fix web interface sysinfo may not working in some platform 2. fix installtion script mkdir failed bug 3. prompt suitable message to indicate install is success or not 1.0.10 1. fix installation script bug 1.0.9 1. use dropdown list to select audio channel and sample rate 2. fix stream index, audio channel and stream delete bug 3. show sysinfo on the [...]