HashCode Remove Pro: New Update v1.0.11 avalible !

HashCode Remove Pro: New Update v1.0.11 avalible !


we have updated HashCode Remove Pro to Version 1.0.11.

Here you will found in our Knowledgebase the: Installation & Uninstall & Upgrade HowTo

Whats New ?


1. fix web interface sysinfo may not working in some platform
2. fix installtion script mkdir failed bug
3. prompt suitable message to indicate install is success or not


1. fix installation script bug


1. use dropdown list to select audio channel and sample rate
2. fix stream index, audio channel and stream delete bug
3. show sysinfo on the bottom of panel
4. fix socketio bug
5. add preset option
6. redirect to previous page after login


1. fix install script iptable bug
2. fix sources.list bug
3. add version and ChangeLog to web interface
4. set output format for rtmp, rtp, and rtsp stream automatically
5. change to use dropdown list to select output format.

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