Monthly Archives - June 2018

HashCode Remove Pro with Intel Quick Sync Support v1.0.9 Available!

Dear Customers, Thank you for use our product: HashCode Remove Pro – Leased, and we have released a beta version for hashcode remove pro with Intel Quick Sync supports. You are free to test the quick sync version software by using previous hashcode leased/trial license key. also, we want to some beta tester to provided some extra information to us or send ticket to us if you find any problem. [Advantage] The quick sync version hashcode remove pro will move all video encoding [...]


HashCode Remove Pro released !

We are proud to announce that we released our Brand New Software: HashCode Remove Pro in Action – Remove Hashcodes, watermarks and logos HashCode Remove Pro is powerfull Linux OS and FFmpeg based smart Solution for Remove (blur) Hashcodes, Digital Watermarks and Logos from Video Files or Live Stream Content in Realtime (on-the-fly). The Program scan all the Frames of your source stream permanently for the HashCode (the complete Resolution), the Hashcode will detected full automatically by the System, it will blur [...]