HashCode Remove Pro released !

HashCode Remove Pro released !

We are proud to announce that we released our Brand New Software:

HashCode Remove Pro in Action – Remove Hashcodes, watermarks and logos

HashCode Remove Pro is powerfull Linux OS and FFmpeg based smart Solution for Remove (blur) Hashcodes, Digital Watermarks and Logos from Video Files or Live Stream Content in Realtime (on-the-fly).

The Program scan all the Frames of your source stream permanently for the HashCode (the complete Resolution), the Hashcode will detected full automatically by the System, it will blur it immediately.

It has smart build in scan system, it’s checking also for similarity of the predefined example Hashcodes, Watermarks, Logos.
So if some changes inside Hashcode (ex. 1-2 more letters or digits), the System will detect it and will still blur the Hashcode.

Besites, it has following features:
– Easy to use Web User Interface
– Similarity adjustment
– Scale (min-max-step) adjustment
– Border (left-right-top-bottom) adjustment
– Algorithm adjustment

Frame adjustments:
– Frame Interval
– Preprocess Frames
– Continue Frames

FFMpeg Based:
Transcoding, Support any Protocol, Media File Typ and Codec!

Use the power of FFMPEG, HashCode Remove Pro is based on the most popular transcoding Tool! HashCode Remove Pro can handle any protocol of FFMPEG support. Any media file type with any codec is supported.


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