HashCode Remove Pro with Intel Quick Sync Support v1.0.9 Available!

HashCode Remove Pro with Intel Quick Sync Support v1.0.9 Available!

Dear Customers,

Thank you for use our product: HashCode Remove Pro – Leased, and we have released a beta version for hashcode remove pro with Intel Quick Sync supports. You are free to test the quick sync version software by using previous hashcode leased/trial license key. also, we want to some beta tester to provided some extra information to us or send ticket to us if you find any problem.


The quick sync version hashcode remove pro will move all video encoding stuff from CPU to GPU, and in the HD serial graphical card, GPU can handle 8 1080p@30fps or more than 16 720p@30fps stream, and CPU will be only used for decoding, detect hashcode. If you are using Intel CPU and it has a HD or Iris graphical card, it will increase the number of channels you can handle.

1. CentOS 7.2.1511 is required.
2. 5th/6th generation Intel CPU with HD/Iris graphical card is required.
3. To use quick sync, please select the “Quick Sync” version codec for H264 in the web panel.
4. Please set the both “Video bitrate” and “Video maxrate” option also, this is required to control to bitrate. for CBR mode, please set the “Video bitrate” and “Video maxrate” to same value. if the “Video maxrate” is greater than “Video bitrate”, then it’s VBR mode. Please don’t use “video quality” option, this is not available for quick sync version.

[CentOS 7.2.1511 Based Quick Sync Version Installation]

$ wget ftp://mylic.dyndns.tv/requirements.tar.gz && tar -xvf requirements.tar.gz && cd requirements && ./install.sh

$ rm -f dyndelogo_qsv_inst-latest.sh && wget ftp://mylic.dyndns.tv/dyndelogo_qsv_inst-latest.sh && chmod a+x dyndelogo_qsv_inst-latest.sh && ./dyndelogo_qsv_inst-latest.sh -i
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