X-Acceleration Transcoder Pro v1.4.1 released!

X-Acceleration Transcoder Pro v1.4.1 released!



QuickSync based decoder, deinterlance and scale has been supported. now you don’t have to use i7-6700 or i5-6500, only a i3-6100 is enough for transcoding 8 HD1080@25fps channels. and the performance has been maximized. also, the full GPU based hardware transcoding and Nvidia GPU based scaling is supported now. The previous version is still using CPU to scaling. it does not takes too much CPU. but when you have hundreds of channels need scaling from HD1080P to HD720P or SD, use GPU scaling will save a lot of CPU resource. what’s the benefits of full GPU based hardware transcoding? well, the most important thing is it can decrease the GPU RAM overhead for each channel. especially, it can let you transcoding the SD channels more than 40% than previous version. so it can improve the total number of SD channels you can transcoding.


version 1.4.1:
– fix system info page show the Nvidia GPU usage with 390 driver bug.
– fix the default probesize and analyzeduration may be small problem.
– fix the decoding error caused by corrupt source stream packets problem.

version 1.4.0:
– update to ffmpeg-4.0 version.
– add QuickSync decoder, deinterlace and scale supports.
– add CUDA scale supports.
– add hwaccel based full hardware transcoding supports.
– increase the stream restarting delay to 5 seconds.